TGS-RADIO.CO.UK is a part of T.G.S entertainment group


TGS radio is an imprint of TGS entertainment Limited which over the years from being in the entertainment industry, and working with over 1000 individual both on the radio, live broadcasting and also live in the recording studio. Recording numerous amounts of household names from the reggae and dancehall scene, and also UK hip-hop. TGS radio is the next step in becoming a global company that will cover all the aspects of music and all the beautiful things that surrounds it.


November 2014 I launched (TGS) radio a year and a half after launching (TGS) entertainment, after years of working with other individual producers, Dj's and working for other companies. My name is Ferron Perue but I’m more popular known as top-gadget, many people think the meaning of (TGS) comes from my name top gadget but in actual fact the meaning of TGS is (True Great Soldiers). I came up with this name after months of contemplating and even tried my children's initials (TDF), but decided that it wasn't the right name for my label. Going through life you have day-to-day struggles, but you have to be determined to make it and come out with your head held high just like a soldier. The fact that you can go through struggles and still think positive in life is the meaning of a True Great Soldier, this is how I came up with the name TGS meaning (True Great Soldier) I believe that I am a True Great Soldier in the music industry and entertainment....